Friday, 8 April 2011

Vicki McAuley 'Solo' Back in stock

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have stock back on the shelf of Vicki McAuley's highly acclaimed book Solo.
Every cent of the book's sale price goes directly back to Vicki & Finlay, which isn't the case if you buy from a book shop, so if you've been looking around for a copy, we've now got 'em again.
Here's a review of the book from Australian Bookseller & Publisher Magazine:
"Wow. What a rollercoaster of emotions. Solo is the story of adventurer Andrew McAuley and his dream to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak. This book was also a dream of Andrew’s, but after his tragic death during the Tasman Sea crossing, it was left to his wife Vicki to complete. Andrew’s story is told from several points of view—Vicki’s, Andrew’s, and friends who helped the couple plan this epic voyage. Vicki discovered files and film footage that Andrew had written and filmed during his 30 days at sea, and with much heartache she has pieced together a story that will tear at your heart. Her story takes us into her husband’s world and helps us understand why he chose to leave his wife and son behind as he attempted to become the first man to reach New Zealand from Australia by kayak. I had so many mixed emotions reading this book. Knowing Andrew’s fate before I began the book filled me with a sense of sadness, but many, many times throughout the story, I found myself inspired, awe-struck and laughing at things he was able to achieve. This book is also about Vicki and her son Finlay—the support crew who helped to keep Andrew’s dream alive for many years. This is an inspiring read and McAuley has done a wonderful job in re-telling a story that has so much happiness and grief."
This review from Australian Bookseller & Publisher magazine (September 2010, Vol 90, No. 2)

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