Wednesday 3 August 2011

North Reef Expedition - The Wrap

The tiny coral cay island which houses the North Reef Lighthouse, 130km off the Queensland coast.
Back to reality for Rob, Chris & I after completing a brilliant, challenging & incredibly rewarding trip out to the North Reef Lighthouse, via the Capricornia Cays.
All up we covered just under 370km in seven days on the water, with four weather forced rest days at Lady Elliot Island & Lady Musgrave Islands.
We snuck through some decent crossings, with the big one out to Elliot clocking 92km, the Musgrave to Heron a speedy 75km, and the final slog back from North West to Hummocky Island 59km. While the destinations each evening were picture postcard coral islands, the real highlight for us was the water in between. There was so  much variety, current, swell, wind & sea that we used every bit of experience we've gained over the years to complete each crossing. 
The blog documenting the trip is now complete, & if you missed following the progress of the journey it will remain up at
Thanks to everyone who followed the trip & took the time to send us their good wishes.

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  1. I lived here for three months in 1972. The neighborhood looked different then


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