Monday 26 September 2011

Video - Greenland Paddling Around Sydney Harbour

Following on from Friday's post about our relaxing morning paddling the Tahe Greenland boats, here's a video with some of the pics & movies.
Special mention to Rob for his fantastic photography. Obviously all of the pics of me in this little video are taken by him, and he really has become a brilliant on-water kayak photographer. I had to cut out another 15 photos that were perfectly composed.
You can see how much fun the NRS paddle gloves add to the exercise. Next up I'll have a crack at the hand rolling without them…..
Music from Michael Franti, suitably relaxed in keeping with this gentle morning cruise.


  1. From this video it seems that you Mark are a better roller than Rob. But of course that's just a video :-)

  2. Trick photography Gnarly, but I will get your comments printed onto a t-shirt & wear it around Rob from now on. "Gnarly says……."


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