Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tiderace Sea Kayaks - Landing Soon

We are pleased to announce the impending arrival of our next big brand of international sea kayaks, Tiderace. Tiderace are the creation of British paddler Aled Williams, and have quickly gaining a foothold around the world as boats of terrific quality & innovative, modern design.
We've been speaking with Aled developing a range for our paddling scene, & are about to finalise an order for the Xcite, Xplore and the new Pace 18.
We know there are paddlers out there who have been waiting for the chance to order a Tiderace boat, so please contact us within the next 7 days if you'd like to include it in the order landing in September.
We're pleased to once again be able to offer the Australian market a brand of sea boats which challenge paddlers to develop their skills, and Tiderace designs certainly hold the promise of uniqueness and performance.
You can see the full Tiderace range on their website HERE.


  1. Exciting times for Australian paddlers!

  2. Mark - Awaiting the Taran and Pace 18 face-off!

  3. Yes Owen, you and me both. I reckon the Pace looks to have the amTaran covered on the flat, but that Taran hull has some evil magic in it when things get big downwind. Great to see the genre growing. I truly think we'll all be paddling boats like this on expeditions within 10 years, where range and speed equal safety.

  4. Mark - I doubt if I can afford to wait 10 years - neither seem to have a hatch opening big enough to get a Zimmer Frame aboard.

  5. Yeah right, I saw what you did in your '60's, I don't think you'll be too less sharp in your 70's. Anyone else, I'd agree Captain Grumpy!


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