Thursday, 30 August 2012

Kids in the Tiderace Candy Shop

Our first shipment of Tiderace kayaks arrived on Tuesday, perfectly packed in separate full length cartons inside the container.
Johnny arrives in the trusty delivery rig.
Pre-orders awaiting pick up.
We had several pre-orders, and opened each box to inspect the boats & check out the features up to now we've only been able to read about.
The Xcite
The Xplore
After unloading & allocating the orders to go out around the country Rob & I decided we should make sure they were seaworthy.
Colour co-ordinated roof candy

A decent Nor Easter was blowing at Dolls Point, perfect crappy, short & sharp conditions to get a feel for what these much vaunted hull shapes have to offer.
The latest addition to the fast ocean tourer genre.
We swapped between the Xplore, Xcite & Pace 18, running out into the bay into the wind & chop, across the conditions, & then back downwind. It was a great way to get an initial feel for the boats, & we came away satisfied that Tiderace have delivered the performance they promised. Here's a short video of the pair of us hooning around, kids in the Tiderace candy shop.
Anyone watching our stock page will have noticed that the numbers available in the Tiderace range have instantly halved, and interest in the boats has been most encouraging.

Stay tuned for details of a demo day in the Sydney area, but in the meantime get in touch if you'd like to take one for spin with either of Rob or myself alongside.


  1. Gosh... Mark, can you tell us more about how the TR boats are, or is too early for a Sundo mini-review yet?

  2. 20 minutes each in the Xcite and Xplore probably don't qualify me as any kind of authority, however I have clocked up some sea miles this week in the Pace 18, stay tuned.....


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