Tuesday 18 September 2012

Etain 17'5 Video

Here's a short video I cut together from some footage I took earlier this year of the Etain 17'5 out in some fun conditions. I've been paddling the boat now for about 6 months & enjoy the way it performs in the rough, as well as the harder tracking charateristics of the hull.
Jumping from my trusty old Aquanaut, it's easy to identify the traits in the Etain that stamp it as a new & innovative slant on the Brit sea kayak design.
When my clone is finished I'll write an in depth review of this extremely popular new entry into the mid-sized expedition category from Valley.
We have a shipment due in the first week of November with new Valley stock, including the Etain 17'5 in Valley's tough RM layup & the much anticipated Valley Gemini SP.

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