Friday 9 November 2012

Klancopia 2012

The most enjoyable paddling weekends on our calendar are those run by small, passionate pods of kayakers up & down the coast, & the one that captures that spirit more than most is the excellent Klancopia at Umina Beach, run by the Hunter Kayak Klan.

This year there were about 25 paddlers on the water, with the new starters heading over to Patonga with Sharon Betteridge & Shaan Gresser, and the sea dogs heading out into Broken Bay with Rob & I for some 'live' training.
We feel that we are among mates at Klancopia, and the community feel extends from the informal 'opening ceremony' among the tents on the Friday evening, through the Saturday night entertainment (both organised and 'ad hoc'), and on into Sunday's messing around in boats session on the beach at Patonga.
Organiser Shawn Armitage built on last year's more organised itinerary, and pulled together another cracker. The Saturday evening was a particular highlight, where Klan members gave short presentations on a subject of their choice, ranging from short on-water videos to comedy slideshows, to paddle explanations to fix-it advice.
Beach line up

I enjoyed the creativity & humour far more than listening to a typical presentation from a guest speaker, sometimes it's important to remember that everyone has a story to tell about their own paddling.
I'll let the images tell the story of a fun weekend. Thanks to Sharon & Shaan for turning out a top day on the creek at Patonga, and to Shawn for remembering to bring the ukuleles.
Well done you Klanners….!
The Xplore L
Annie in the Zegul 520
The Bill Gates of Klancopia
Camp EK
Dr Smiles
Colin in control
The graceful exit...
Sea rescue
Dirk in the Reval
Gemini downside
Gemini upside
Saturday night dress code check
The opposite to a rescue
Pearl Beach
Strange south coast dude who just turned up
Posing in the Xplore L
Marty cruising in
Marty lands
Marty & Brad
Matt in the Xplore L
Camp site wisdom
Owen ponders….
..and then explaining why wing paddles are better that Greenland paddles….
…and then showing us why wing paddles are better that Greenland paddles….
Mercer judges the talent quest
Mercer landing
And finishing the day
Wade shows his better side
Shags on a Lion
Gemini footsies
The Sebastian Coe of Klancopia
The Klan's favourite Telco CEO
Steve, Pace + GP
A trailer of expensive laminates

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  1. Klanacopia 2012 is a great time as fun and mischief are the order of the day, irrespective of your paddling pedigree. Then toss in some coaching by some of Aussie's top paddlers (male and female), follow it up with the opportunity to test paddle a variety of boats then finally try to avoid the South Coast mafia who had great fun tipping all and sundry in whilst they test paddled. Big thanks to the EK crew and the Solo Lady (Shaan) for showing us how its done. (Love that Pace!)


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