Tuesday 20 November 2012

The New Epic V8

True to form, Epic have sprung a surprise on us all with the redevelopment of their game-changing V8 surf ski.
I collected our boats from latest container last week & when we unwrapped the V8's bound for Gary & Trish the changes to the design were obvious.
This new V8 looks sleek, has slightly less rocker, features some clever new design features that will improve it's 'big water' performance, like an angled top lip of the seat, side handles to make rescue & remount easier (as well as portage), and a new footboard that allows you to run your hydration tube underneath.
On the water it lost none of it's stability, felt like in ran longer and was a far more aesthetically pleasing craft.
Well done Epic, we have stock on the shelf ready to go…

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