Thursday, 31 January 2013

Valley Gemini Surfing

As the storm systems dovetailing off Tropical Cyclone Oswald reached Sydney, they've generated a decent easterly swell, and yesterday Rob took the opportunity to head to the bar at Bundeena with the promise of a fat & chunky break.
On arrival it was a full tide so the waves were long & fast, but as the tide began to run out they steepened up into some great overhead waves which provided another dimension for our latest toy, the Valley Gemini SP.
Rob's cheery report on the three hour session was muffled, I think he was a bit buggered, but the general feedback was that as the waves got bigger & faster, so did the Gemini start doing more & more exciting things. 
We've steadily churned through our stock of this mighty little play boat, selling it about equally between those who want to 'go big' and those who like the idea of a shorter, lighter, nimble tourer for gentler waters, made with the care & attention you expect from Valley (for under $3000).
I had it out on a Tuesday night paddle earlier this month & lapped up the playfulness of the boat in some nice little following seas off Sydney. Because it's so short, it slots into the chop & kicks around from steep section to steep section, whipping along & following the alignment of your shoulders to the next fast bit. Conditions were pretty ideal, but I had no trouble scooting alongside John in his Taran, offering some advice & tips on catching the runners.
 The Valley Gemini ST, arriving early April 2013
In April we land the touring version, the Gemini ST, one we hadn't really contemplated until we saw how innovative the little SP is.

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