Sunday, 27 January 2013

Video - Gazza & Sundo Paddle Noosa

A short video sampling the variety of great paddling on a 16km cruise along the Noosa National Park coastline.
Gary Forrest is in his Rockpool Taran, I'm in my borrowed Epic V10 Elite.
I hope it looks like we were having as much fun as we actually were, a top day.


  1. Good one!!! but you need to rate the viedo PG or wear shorts!! A bit disturbing at times!! :-)

  2. Sorry Fer, no shorts on the ski, smugglers only, or you lose your license.

  3. Mark, re smugglers - I hope you make exceptions for (ahem) "older gentlemen" on skis. I'm trying to hang onto a little bit of my self respect, (plus not wanting to scare the innocents).

  4. Just get 'em on Owen, free your soul, among other things.....


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