Friday 22 March 2013

Bay Runner Tomorrow

The annual Bay Runner Race is being held tomorrow at Gunammatta Beach at Cronulla. Rob & I sponsored & participated in this event last eyar & had a ball, paddling our kayaks despite the event catering mostly to surf skis.
We'll be there again tomorrow from 9am both as sponsors & competitors. Information on the race can be found HERE, all proceeds go to the Jacaranda Cottage charity.

To whet your appetite, here's the video I took from last year's event.


  1. Good luck in the Bay Runner. And just to push the next harbour series race (which I help organise) don't forget the Rose Bay Challenge on April 14. Details and entry


    Mark S

  2. This year; less "ballast" - more speed! (but which craft are you piloting?)

  3. Possibly the two Tiderace Pace boats, but if it's as calm as predicted you may even see a Rapier out on the open water!


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