Friday 8 March 2013

Rock & Rolling Around

Time to scratch another notch on the paddle shaft, the annual landmark NSWSKC Rock & Roll event has come around again.
This year's event will be held at Jimmy's Beach at Port Stephens, a waterway that like all RnR venues provides everything from a gentle river cruise to a full blown rough water experience.
Once again there are over 180 participants registered, and once again Expedition Kayaks are the gold sponsor of the weekend.
We have been major sponsor every year since we came into being in 2007, and continue to support paddling events around the country, putting something back into the sport we love.
I'll be leading instruction trips on the Saturday & Sunday morning, and also plan an out & back to Broughton Island on the Monday, for those capable of a fast open sea trip of just on 40km.
We'll host our institutional 'Beer & Pizza' welcoming ceremony on the Friday evening, and look forward to catching up with our club mates. I'm heading down on the Thursday arvo after picking up Queensland instructor Gary Forrest - and hopefully repaying some of Gazza's hospitality when I'm up his way!
Information on thew weekend can be found on the NSWSKC website at
I've linked a few video diaries of past Rock & Roll weekends below, just so you can see what you're missing out on if you won't be making it long this year….

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  1. Crikey! Broughton Island will be sick of the sight of NSWSKC members by the end of the week. There's at least 3 separate tours heading out there.


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