Saturday, 25 May 2013

I'm not crying....'s that bloke with the bucket throwing litres of water into my eyes.....

Rob, Greg & I met 'Katriana & Simon' down at Bundeena yesterday with some promising bar conditions in the offing.
 Greg in front of the pile
 Greg on top of the pile...
A steep southerly swell, and the prospect of a stiff breeze swinging offshore, lured all five of us down for a dip.
Simon & Katriana Danson (not their real names)
What transpired was a wacky afternoon surfing in amongst the chop and waves. Wave faces lifted by the wind had plenty of steepness but very little drive - my top speed all arvo just broached 10kmh.
The part of the Bay cut up most by the wind opposing the flooding spring tide was right in the middle of the fastest part of the ride, so you'd hook into a steep face and then 'mogul' your way through a maze of whitecaps and bumps, all the while copping a torrent of cold salt water in the chops.
The volume of spray made it almost impossible to see what you were doing, which kind of underlined how important some semblance of vision is when you're surfing.

I can just the see the pitiful expressions on the faces of readers who sat in front of the weekly budget reports all Friday arvo while we were out suffering....
Enjoy the video of Rob busting some moves in the Gemini SP.

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