Wednesday 8 May 2013

When the Planets Align….

So the theory goes, mid ebb + long period swell with some east or otherwise very big from the south + offshore wind = perfect runs on our favourite bar surf spot.
On a clear Tuesday morning, with conditions kinda shaping that way, we paddled across from Wally's Wharf hopeful but not too convinced, taking fast boats in case there was some tiny ingredient that Poseidon had left on the shelf.
Happily, the bar was right on song, a fleeting but seemingly more frequent event in the current wacky Sydney weather patterns, and we had a ripper of a time.
Rob got to spend a couple of hours sussing out the Pace 17 in the surf, while I went looking for steeper & steeper sections in my V10, with mixed success!
We also tested out a couple of camera mounts which change-up the well worn angles a bit.
All done, of course, in the name of product research.


  1. Love the vid guys and the music - wish I was there !

  2. Not quite as warm as the day you were out there Jules, but the waves were a bit better....!


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