Wednesday 18 December 2013

Tuesday Night Xmas Paddle

I tagged along on Rob's final Tuesday Night paddle for the year, the traditional Xmas picnic paddle. There have been years (over the last 14 years that Rob has run this challenging weekly sea paddle), where this has been a very short paddle & a very long picnic/party. This year it was a long paddle and a 

We headed out to North Head into a building Nor 'Easter, fired back to Obelisk Beach where we paused on the cliff top to remember our mate & Tuesday night stalwart Chris James, then back to Watson's Bay to grab the food & drinks, then on to X&%^!!@$ Island (location censored to prevent prosecution) to watch the sun set over the city, bridge & Opera House with cold beers & a smorgasbord to beat all smorgasbords.

The 10pm return to Watto's into a still howling Nor Easter was a proper way to end a proper paddle, with a proper party. 

I'll let the pics tell the story.

Anne at South Head
Rae & Chris
Bart & The Old Man's Hat
John & Bart
President Campbell
Chris at North Head
Heading North
North Head
Our honorary flypast
Gav & Shaan
Is Brisbane that way...?
The Sea Princess, and an ocean liner
Arty farty Sydney sea scape
John, Shaan, Chris & Mark at Obelisk....
Sadly no takers...
Rob & Mark H at Obelisk.
Remembering Chris, what a vista.
Bart heads for the party
Campbell & the Emerald City
$#@&%%^!! Island Picnic 
About a third of the spread - the lens wasn't wide enough to fit it all in.
Just because he bounces off rocks all the time, doesn't necessarily mean he's a little bit strange, right?
A tense John, scanning the ridge for one last beer.
New paddling cult - 'The Orange Paddlers'. Left to right, Campbell, Shaan, Alan, Rae, Neil, Megan, Fer, Gav, Rob, Bart, Mark H, Bon & John.
Rob, Neil & Rae
Party's over, time for the headwind home in the dark.
An 18km party paddle for the Tuesday Crew, some action, some fun, some fond memories, bucket loads of good food & cold beverage, & always great company.

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