Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kayaking Film Festival Marred by Budgie Smuggler Controversy

The annual 'Pogies' the sea kayaking film festival equivalent to the Academy Awards held each year at the NSW Sea Kayaking Club's Rock & Roll Event, was marred by a controversial decision by judges to award second place to a film confronting one of the biggest issues facing the sport.
The Pogies crowd, before the controvery started.
In deciding to award the Gold Pogie to a film made by Fernando featuring action, tremendous paddling skills and excellent editing, over one raising dark & difficult questions, the judges showed that substance matters little in the world of kayaking art house.

Luckily, we can submit this film, by Sunderpants Products, for the broad kayaking world to pass their own judgements.

We urge you to make up your own mind.

**note, of course we are taking the micky, you can see the actual winner, Fer's video HERE, damn impressive eh...?


  1. I had my first asthma attach in over 2 years triggered for laughing so much when I watched it on Sunday night. I also think you should have won... luckily for me there was no points awarded for humour or originality :-) if you want I can give you a link to my video so the broader comunity votes.

  2. Yes Fer, a link to your video would be good, it was a beauty.


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