Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Mitchell Blades Bombora Returns...!

A most welcome delivery this morning from our long term supplier & buddy in Cheshire, Lance Mitchell, of Mitchell Blades.
Lance's paddle business has grown out of all proportion due to the meticulous workmanship he puts into every blade, and we've been out of stock for a couple of months awaiting some new paddles, which Lance has been fine tuning using a new manufacturing process.

Today they arrived, and if it was possible, these new Bombora paddles have an even more lustrous appearance, the blade has a slightly more foiled face & the weight is down on the traditional bomb proof layup. 

The Bombora shape has long been a favourite, blending as it does a strong & aggressive catch, with a mid sized blade (approx 670sqcm), and a light exit through the cutaway neck. It's the paddle we recommend if you're hard on your paddles, and in all the years we've been selling them, we're yet to see a single structural failure in a blade layup. Considering some of the people we know who are out there using them & what they've put them through, that's a mighty reflection on the committment to quality from this small but highly regarded paddle maker.

Lance has also done away with the old Vario Lock system for joining the split shafts, instead opting for a US manufactured joiner, similar to the Epic lever lock but made entirely from a lightweight alloy.
The new alloy lever lock fitting on all Mitchell Blades
We've got plenty of stock in the straight ($595) & crank ($625) shafts, available in lengths from 205-215cm, and 210-220cm. You can order through the Paddles page of our ONLINE STORE.

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