Tuesday 1 April 2014

Eden to Bondi, Without Landing

Now that they're all set, I can release the news that Rob Mercer, Johnny Lee & Mick MacRobb are about push out through the surf at Eden, on the far south coast, aiming to touch the sand next, non-stop, 450km to the north on Bondi Beach in Sydney.
Mick & John enjoying a last brew this morning in Eden 'both in tip-top shape'
They have been training secretly for months, ironing out bugs in a sleeping system involving a three boat raft, developed for them by Thermosleep in Sweden.

All three have been training intensely, monitoring heart rates, comparing performance notes & getting into tip top shape for a paddle of over 450km that they're aiming to finish inside 7 days.

Mick packing his new Pace 17 in preparation for 'The Everest of Kayaking'
Rob was upbeat about their chances last night, here's his thoughts:

"I've never seen Mick in such great shape, & John has been a machine lately in his resistance training & downwind efforts. Unfortunately the first couple of days out of Eden have headwinds forecast, so I'm at a distinct disadvantage, with my routine nowadays involving downwind paddling only. Hopefully the other two guys can give me some advice on headwind technique, or it's going to be a slow start. The sleeping system is now sorted, although John is something of a 'loud' sleeper. We're planning on a maximum 4 hours per night in the Thermosleep set up, which should get us there in reasonable shape"

Join me in wishing the guys well, and tune in to our Facebook page for a daily update of their progress, for this challenge, a new 'Everest of Kayaking'.


  1. All the best; I wish you calm(ish) seas and tailwinds all the way.

  2. Safe and happy paddling to you blokes. Now I know why Rob was doing sprint training at the symposium in Albany a few weeks ago, he was just making sure he could go faster. Well done to all of you and I hope someone has a beer waiting for you when you land.. Nifty..

  3. Fair winds and a good sea, guys, good luck

  4. Have a good trip with the seas you hope for.Trust the bed works


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