Wednesday 9 April 2014

The North Shore Atlantic Returns...!

There was a welcome inclusion in our latest shipment from the UK, which landed yesterday, in the form of new stock of the North Shore Atlantic.

I was asked recently why we had brought this much-loved, stable & sympathetic skeg design back into the country after selling our last one a few years ago, and before I could answer, the guy who asked the question said, 'latent demand, right?'

I nodded & smiled, it's as simple as that really.

Back when we decided to cut the boat from our stock range we felt we had surrounded it with boats that we more extreme at the play end like the Gemini & Xtra, faster at the Tour end like the old Aquanaut & new fast tourers, and figured people may not be interested in the rough water all rounder, that at it's essence looks after less skilled or new paddlers.

We then had a tremendous resurgence in interest in this genre of boat with the arrival of the Tiderace Xcite, and people have been asking ever since, will be you bringing the Atlantic back into the country any time soon?'

So, by popular demand, they are now here, in a range of colours, priced very keenly in an era when our dollar is slowly slouching, at $3790 for North Shore's light, stiff & strong standard Diolen layup. You can see the colours on our Kayak Prices & Stock page.

We have a demo on hand for anyone wanting to either re-acquaint, or test out this little gem of a boat.

Ocean Paddler Magazine in the UK wrote an excellent article which I feel nicely summarises the virtues of the North Shore Atlantic, which you can read HERE.

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