Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The EK SkegFoot Foot Plate System

Hot on the ‘heels’ of the BigFoot system we have developed the SkegFoot; a footplate based on the same design features but without the pedals on top of the plate. It is also a little wider to deal with the broader foredeck that is found in a lot of the more maneuverable boats.

Ideally suited to boats like Tiderace Xcite, Xcite S, Xtra, Xplore and most of the Valley kayaks, it is a simple matter to fit as the fixing screw holes are spaced the same as for the existing factory fitted tracks. 

It works in much the same way as a bulkhead footrest allowing a wider range of positions for anchoring your feet so you can transfer the power from your legs and trunk more effectively. In particular the SkegFoot will allow you to move your feet closer together for better alignment of hips and knees. Better alignment can, in turn deliver more power from your core and better posture without compromising the connection between your body and the boat. The advantage it has over a bulkhead footrest is the obvious one, adjustability; but it also means your boat is a more appealing resale one day in the future, without having to find a buyer with the same leg length as you!

There is a finite range of adjustment on the footplate so it is best to email us with your boat model when you order, if it is part of our current product range then we will be able to advise straight away of compatibility, but in most cases it will just be a matter of bedding the skegfoot side rails in sealant and fixing them through the existing holes drilled for the original factory fitted tracks.

Most similar model kayaks from other manufacturers should also be compatible with the SkegFoot and so far we have been surprised with just how many different boats these plates will fit. The bolt holes are set to match the Yakima, KajakSport & SmartTrack spacing, which tend to be the industry standard.

All BigFoot and SkegFoot plates come with long width-adjusting screws to accommodate those who want to custom build a bigger full foot plate to fit over the existing one. These long screws will easily hold plastic, marine ply or alloy sheet material up to 12mm.
We feel that the SkegFoot is a tangible improvement over the current small surface-area pegs that are fitted as standard to most skeg boats. It is a simple, sturdy retrofit component locally built and designed to improve comfort and performance when used with sound paddling technique. Most importantly, the design is based on hard-earned experience and the feedback of hundreds of local paddlers and it has been field tested in real sea kayaking conditions.


  1. Hi, would it apply to valley Etain rm? Is it possible to send it here in Italy? Thanks and Merry Xmas!

  2. Yes the system is designed for the Valley foot pegs, and no problem to ship to Italy.

  3. Hi,..look perfect for XP-17 Point 65 North, but no delivery to France ?

  4. Yes no problem to ship to France. freight is $75. Email us at

  5. Will this fit a Tiderace X-plore X? Also, what is shipping to the US?

  6. Will this fit a 2015 Tiderace Xplore X? If so, what is the shipping to the US?

  7. Yes it will. Freight to the US is $75


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