Tuesday 12 May 2009

Braca Hurricane Paddles

Our search for an ultra lightweight sea paddle in a modern, high angle shape has led us to the world renowned Braca paddles from Europe. From June we'll be stocking the Braca Hurricane 100 in both the Min (660cm2) & Max (720cm2), weighing in at a meagre 740gms, one of the lightest sea paddles on the market. Besides the weight, the performance and exceptional build quality of Braca paddles sets them apart from most of the brands available in the Australian market. They are beautifully finished, with terrific performance characteristics. We will also be offerring an absolutely customised paddle - the blade will be cut to your specific length & feather all inclusive.
Keep an eye on our online store for details of these fantastic full carbon paddles, for under $600.
The acquisition of the Braca sea paddles gives us a light option with great performance for those to whom weight is important, in addition to the bombproof Mitchell Blades from the UK.

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