Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Customised Boat Deadline

Only a week left if you're after a customised Valley or Rockpool boat in our September shipment. 
Options with Rockpool include your own customised art complete with glitter & metallic 'jewel' paint, starfish, the excellent & innovative Rockpool electric pump system, or a slightly lighter exotic Vac 2 layup, an HT Pack, or even a 3 piece boat made by a true expert in the craft. Check out the Rockpool Options page for details. Or, you could be the second person in the country to own the much copied, but still original & best tideracer, the Alaw or it's smaller sibling the Alaw Bach.

With Valley you're able to have a customised bulkhead & foot pump pre-installed, the bombproof Aerospace Vacuum Infused Carbon-Kevlar layup, and a colour scheme to match your Landrover, all made by the original British boat manufacturer....
Drop either Rob or myself a line before Friday if you'd like your own British boat custom built & here in time for the coming paddling season.

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