Thursday 17 June 2010

The Paddle to Seattle

This is one unusual sea kayaking DVD. Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley are a pair of guys clearly taking the p-ss on most things as they set out to paddle the inside passage, 1200miles from Alaska to Seattle. They're not super skilful, experienced paddlers, their 'learn to roll' session and general skills during the movie demonstrate this, but theydecided on this adventure, built their own strip built boats & have made one of the funniest films I've seen for a long time. 
They weave the story of the small fishing communities they visit on the way through a very worthy trip full of sea life & amazing scenery. Their sense of humour is part self deprecating, Flight of the Conchords, part IT nerd in the outdoors, but clearly they are not inexperienced in being in the wild. Any trip of this length in this climate is a serious endeavour.
You know you're in for something when the first 3 minutes of the film are a monologue about what they wanted to call the film - Who's the Boss is taken, so is Everyone Loves Raymond, then they get the inspirational title 'Paddle to Seattle'. You get the drift....

The film has won about 100 awards at all of the North American film festivals on the circuit, and is a great way for paddlers to kill a couple of mid-winter hours in front of the telly.
You can order the DVD direct from these guys, it's only $20 and it arives about 4 days after you order.
In the mould of Beau Miles & his adventures these are two blokes worth supporting. If you buy enough of their DVD's they might make a sequel.

Their website is

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