Thursday 10 June 2010

View from the Cliff Tops

A few months ago I took Geoff & Lynn Murray out for a paddle off Sydney Heads. One of Geoff's mates had a zoom lens & was busy snapping away from the top of the cliffs on North Head & Geoff has sent me a few of the pics. 
Geoff & Lynn Murray
Lynn, Mark & Geoff running along North Head
Lynn by a half head....
Chasing the wind waves
The water level photos look like this, a moderate day with the odd overhead wind swell of sea & some confused water, but from up above it all looks decidedly tame. It's a fair lesson to check things out from the water before you head around a headland if in doubt, the birds-eye view tends to moderate things a lot! 
(I think the snapper was Bob, so thanks again Geoff for sending through Bob's camera work...)

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