Wednesday 2 May 2012

NRS Hydroskin Fabric

Ladies Hydroskin Paddle Top - $99 (from the EK Store)
Winter is here, judging by the drastic drop in air temps around Sydney these past couple of weeks. We have had a lot of calls & queries asking us about layering for the cold, why for example we carry three types of paddle jackets & also a lot of questions about NRS Hydroskin.
We carry Hydroskin vests, paddle jackets & tops as well as a great pair of paddle shorts. I wear them when I'm paddling for fitness on a cold day or when I know I'm going to get wet in rough water on my ski or kayak. They're designed to be worn next to the skin & move with you, and have a very clever cut whihc doesn't present any seams to classic rub & chafe points for paddlers.
The video below gives a brief rundown of the properties of the material & should give prospective buyers a good guide as to their suitability for your particular paddling circumstance.

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