Monday 14 May 2012

Reed Chillcheater Tuiliqs

With the growing popularity in Greenland style rolling, Reed have tweaked their new Tuiliq design thanks to input from world-class instructors Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson. They have come up with a more traditional cut and authentic styling for the Reed Greenland tuiliq and the new option for a tent style, adjustable bottom hem means that they can be used on most modern sea kayak keyhole cockpits. These are the tuiliks that they used for their instructional rolling DVD ‘This is the Roll’
The Reed tuiliq differs from the old traditional inuit garment in that it is made from their own, unique Aquatherm fabrics and constructed with stitched and waterproof, heat-welded seams giving optimum watertight cuff, neck & hood seals and 'Eskimo Tears' face closure system. Aquatherm creates a thermal, waterproof, flexible / stretchy, lightweight membrane allowing you to perfect your ‘inuit skills’. In addition, room can be allowed for extra layers underneath - even a pfd or a drysuit.

'Reed Aquatherm fabric offers an ideal combination of lightness, warmth, flexibility and strength. It dries fast and packs small, making it ideal kit on the go. We really are happy that Reed Chillcheater Ltd has adapted the smaller ocean cockpit tuiliq to an adjustable tent-style that will now fit a wider range of ocean cockpits and SOF coamings. The fabric still traps air and offers complete freedom of movement – as a tuiliq should! Chris Reed is really a great guy to work with and has done a great job with new tuiliq! In fact, all the folks at Reed are committed to insuring that their innovative kayak garments are of the highest quality possible.' Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson, Kayakways

Rob was our first customer, having used the generic fitting Tuillik's that Cheri & Turner were wearing all week, and finding a palpable difference in buoyancy and warmth from the garment.
We'll have them in stock on our online store in standard sizes, S,M,L,XL for modern keyhole cockpit boats from early next week, for $325 including national delivery.


  1. Is a beard a prerequisite for purchase, or do you just grow one as soon as you take delivery of the tuiliq?

  2. Our hands are tied on this one Steve, the rules say that even women who want one must supply us with photographic evidence of a beard, otherwise we're not allowed to sell them. Tough school….

  3. I thought that may be the case...
    Such are the hardships when you become a member of the SAS of sea kayaking!


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