Thursday 17 May 2012

Sea Kayak Sailing & Safety, Rob Mercer's article in Ocean Paddler Magazine

Rob Mercer recently had an article published in the UK's premium sea kayaking magazine Ocean Paddler. The article gives a timely run down on the aspects of safety that need to be considered for anyone keen to get into kayak sailing on the open sea, especially poignant when seen in the light of a couple of recent near misses around our home waters. OP have kindly given us permission to reproduce the article in full for our readers to enjoy. It has plenty of local input from paddlers like Andrew Eddy, Shaan Gresser and Matt Bezzina.

You can view the article in it's entirety HERE.

Ocean Paddler is a top-notch mag, aimed squarely at the niche of sea kayakers, and offers high quality instructional & trips based articles from a broad spectrum of sea paddlers. You can subscribe to OP HERE, with multiple options including a new iPad app which for us long distance subscribers gives us an instant delivery method!

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