Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lendal Paddles return to Australia

Our first shipment of the all new Lendal X-Range Paddles, arrives this week from the US.

We have stocked the most modern Lendal design, the Kinetik Tour, a dynamic flat blade designed for responsive rough water performance and a clean exit. We chose this design initially because it's one with which we are most familiar,  with characteristic down-tilted geometry producing initial power, which aids when manoeuvring the kayak in rock gardens, surf and sea caves. It's Lendal’s best selling paddle and rewards good technique, with palpable performance.
They paddles are in the two piece configuration.
The shafts we've landed are the carbon flex style, light, rigid but without the shoulder tendon-twanging stiffness of a full carbon shaft, important for sea kayakers paddling long distances.
The paddles feature infinite feather adjustment, and we have shaft lengths ranging for 204cm up to 214cm.
You can order Lendal paddles now through our online store, $549 including national overnight delivery - just in time for Xmas!


  1. Ha! - I always knew you were jealous!! I won't repeat what you said when I turned up with my Lendals!! Much nicer price also than the Gosford quoted $800 plus $50 delivery!!! Aussie $1 strength there! Shame the kids Uni fund is still in the UK!!!! Lendals are very versatile and nice to paddle with - now I just need to get out paddling!! Happy festive to all at Exped.
    Regards Alan (Hairy) (once again!)

  2. Yes but Al, I do recall needing two hands to lift your old paddle off the floor, and couldn't physically swing it without a decent wind up. Did I say something about it being medieval…? Looking forward to jhearing about your first paddle back. Merry Xmas.


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