Wednesday 12 December 2012

Tiderace MKII - Lands tomorrow!

Our second Tiderace container lands tomorrow, only a matter of weeks after the first one, such has been the demand for these cutting edge new designs.
We've added the Tiderace Xcape to the range, a sympathetic rough water expedition boat that slots in amongst the genre typified by the Valley Etain series. 
It brings our range up to five designs, with the sixth addition, the much awaited Pace 17 Tour arriving in our third shipment, due in mid January.
Only 35 more sleeps - the Pace Tour 17
Unfortunately there is only one Pace 18 remaining in the shipment that isn't pre-sold, so please get in fast if you have your eye on one, as there are none available in the shipment landing in January, and we're unlikely to have any more until late Autumn.
We also have the full range of colours back in stock on the Xcite, for those who have been enquiring about colour range.
Check out our Kayak Stock & Prices page for details on colours & availability, and the Tiderace page on our website for the full specs & details.

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