Friday, 14 December 2012

The Simplicity of a Summer Nor' Easter

My paddling waters around Sydney are blessed each summer with a mostly predictable & cooling sea breeze from the North east. The hotter the day, the earlier it kicks in and the stronger it blows, but as it is a localised breeze, it has generally blown itself out by early evening.
Last summer with the La Nina weather event that dominated Australia's east cost, the Nor' Easters became a rarity as our weather seemed to come from the moist, cool, south. For Rob, Chris & I waiting patiently for a decent northerly to propel us on our One Degree South Paddle, it was a frustrating time, relieved only by a half-arsed wind that finally blew in late March.
Despite some flukey weather this spring, the warm days have started to return with consistency and with them, thankfully, our cooling Nor' easterly.
I have had a bizarre couple of weeks, suffering from some nerve damage in my left leg after a nasty electric shock from a Coffin Ray. 
It's made my left leg spasm, affecting my lower back and generally turning me into a half bent over grumpy bugger. I've tried a few massage remedies, but my chiro reckons it will just go away eventually and to stop being such a big tunsa.
I've soldiered on, having a few paddles on the quirky Zegul Rhapsody SUP we were sent to test, and on Sunday I swapped the lawn mowing (back too sore or course) for a paddle & took my V10 Sport out off Cronulla for some downwind therapy.
I slogged out to sea about 5km straight into the teeth of a Nor' Easter that was building, then turned and ran blissfully all the way back into Port Hacking.
It was brilliant; warm water, a postcard Sydney summer's day, and waves and wind that coasted along beside me propelling me along at an exhilarating speed, linking run after run with a quick edge or stern draw.
All I want for Xmas are some strong winds, steep following seas & blue skies….and for the electric fish to leave me alone.


  1. You claim you stepped on it, but the story I heard is that you took piddle on it as a dare after a few cans.
    I am more inclined to believe the "unofficial" story which is spreading like wildfire.

  2. There is no such thing as bad publicity Joel.


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