Tuesday 20 August 2013

Demo Paddling the Tiderace Xplore L & Pace 17

I had an excellent test paddle this morning on a blustery winter's morning with Andrew, who was keen to test the Tiderace Xplore L & Pace 17 head to head.
Conditions for testing sea boats were perfect, gusty winds ranging from 17 to 26 knots, whipping up a steep but slow moving sea that was short & sharp enough to expose any flaws in the performance of any hull design.
Andrew was tossing up the merits of classical touring sea kayak, designed for rough water, against the new breed of fast tourer that is grabbing the headlines.
He had a real crack, bustling along in the following seas to the point of capsize a couple of times, running the boats across the testing conditions and generally have a red hot go. You've gotta love it when people are brave!
Andrew the brave....
He seemed to take more of a shine to the Xplore L which I didn't mind one bit, providing me as it did with an opportunity for multiple downhill runs in the Pace 17. I hadn't previously had the Pace 17 in such short, sharp seas and it didn't disappoint, running along like a ski and catching everything I had a shot at, just awesome fun.
Enjoy the video (and the Stevie Wonder soundtrack).

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