Thursday 15 August 2013

Keppel Sea Kayak Symposium - Rob's Photo Diary

Rob & Sharon have been off on their annual norther sojourn, this year slotting the inaugural Keppel Sea Kayak Symposium into their schedule of island hopping around the Keppel Group of islands in the Capricornia region.
They've sent back a bunch of lovely pics which tell the story all by themselves….

Preparing to leave
Heading out to North Keppel
Keppel sunset
Instruction paddle break
Sea cave on North Keppel
Mega raft
Sharon on the beach
The show's over
Island views (Conical Island)
Fog bank
Sunset vista
First footprints
Calm rock garden
Sharon in the Etain 17'3
Looking back 
Conical Private Resort


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