Friday 23 August 2013

The Interstate Demo Paddle

Barry tests the Tiderace Xcite off The Gap
Barry flew into town from WA on Wednesday to take the Tiderace Xcite for a spin. We'd been talking about the boat on & off for a while & he decided the best way to make sure of the boat's suitability was to get in one & take it for a spin.
He's an inspiring character, having had a tough time with his health recently, but fronting up nonetheless for a sea paddle around the cliff lines on the southern edge of the heads. When he apologised for his lack of speed, I couldn't help but wonder in the same circumstances whether I'd even have been out on the water, one tough bugger!
We had a perfect Sydney winter's day, and spun a few circles inside Watson's Bay before skirting Camp Cove, Lady Jane & South Head on our way around to the notorious Gap.
The dramatic Sydney sandstone cliffs were illuminated by the early morning sunshine, & a low swell meant we could get right up close for a look, just brilliant.
Sydney's beautiful sandstone cliff line
Back inside the harbour we did the real estate cruise, past the vacant block of land at Camp Cove that just sold for $28 million, and on to the old money fortresses around Vaucluse & Parsley Bays.
There is now a well worn path from the airport, to Circular Quay, and onto Watson's Bay by ferry for interstate visitors flying into town for a day on the water with us. With airfares sometimes cheaper than taxi fares, it's a sensible option when you're forking our serious money for boats that you may not be able to try outside NSW or Queensland, and we're great advocates of testing sea kayaks on the sea.
You'll get a glimpse of the unique Sydney vistas we enjoyed in the short video below.

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