Sunday 19 January 2014

Around the Reef & Back

John & 'Ronaldo' pay homage to the Gresser.
Last week in Sydney was hot....damn hot...! 
After agreeing it was a long, hot & for some difficult week, we decided a cobweb blower was in order.
Friday's forecast was a carbon copy of the previous four days, warm to start, getting hotter through the morning, then for coastal Sydney only, abatement in the form of a strengthening Nor' easterly sea breeze.
"Ronaldo" who is a dentist.
Can anyone see the potential for a paddle? The plan was, leave Watson's Bay inside the harbour at 11ish, head north just over 15km into a gentle breeze that would build as the land warmed up, have a leg stretch at Collaroy, then ride the cooling sea breeze home.
John, miserable b*stard #1
As a plan, it was a good plan, and in executing the plan, the weather nearly almost followed the script. In a perfect world we would have had a bit more following us back, but by the time we had powered back into the heads of Sydney Harbour it was starting to crank nicely.
For poor Rob, enduring sunny day after day teaching paddling skills on the drab Sydney Harbour it had been a tough week. Shaan had been moving house. John was just his usual, miserably pessimist, and Ronaldo (not his real name), maybe should have been at work, rather than out paddling.
Rob & "Ronaldo" rounding Blue Fish Point
Me? The first fair dinkum week back in the office is enough to get me heading for a long, fast hit out, and we managed that.
John & Shaan head towards the famous Excalibur Flag
Shaan & "Ronaldo" take a break at Collaroy Basin
The beers at the pub afterwards were icy cold, and the week that had passed was given a salt water ending. And we all know, salt water cures everything.
Rob & "Ronaldo" head towards the pub

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