Wednesday 8 January 2014

New to the EK Store, NRS H2Core Rashguards

The new & innovative products have really started to pile in over the last few weeks, from Lendal USA's new X-Range paddles, to the brand new range from Peak UK.
The first of the latest wave from NRS arrives on Monday, the H2Core Rashguard.
Another of the products we sussed out at the Paddlesports Expo in Germany, this is a paddling top way better suited to our warmer climes than anything we've offered in the past, with the exception of the Peak UK Rashie, and has replaced the old faithful Hydrosilk.
Designed for movement, this technical paddling garment is made from a brand new fabric featuring a silky exterior for fluid, athletic performance while the brushed inner surface feels soft and cool on your skin. It's designed to breathe freely, wick moisture and protect skin from abrasion when you're paddling or surfing. A form-fitting cut eliminates excess fabric for comfortable athletic performance.

The H2Core is great by itself in hot weather or as a base layer in your cold weather layering system. A stylish & practical performance cut allows unrestricted movement and creates friction-free zones under the arms for comfortable paddling.
Like all well thought out garments, it's simple, functional, and performs beautifully in hot weather.
The H2Core Rashie is $59 including delivery nationally, available in Light Grey, Black & Red, sized S-XXL.
There is more to come from NRS in the coming weeks, including a loose fitting paddle top made from a breathable mesh. Stay tuned...!

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