Tuesday 7 January 2014

Full Lendal North America X-Range Paddles Range Now in Stock

TK wisely stays to the East of Wedding Cake Island
Our full stock of the brand new Lendal USA X-Range paddles are now on the shelf.
We've got the Kinetik 650, 700 and the new Storm paddle, which we were helping to test during the prototype phase. Lendal USA have come up with an elegant & functional foil shape, light weight & brand new, modern designs aimed at rough water performance.
These paddles are built using the latest aerospace carbon technology to get the weight on the Storm paddle down to an amazing 650gms, and the Kinetiks to 720gm, quite a weight saving considering the power a blade of this shape can generate.
TK & the Lendal X-Range Kinetik 650 in action
We chose these two designs initially because they're the ones with which we are most familiar, with characteristic down-tilted geometry producing initial power, which aids when manoeuvring the kayak in rock gardens, surf and sea caves. 
From stock we have paddles in the two piece configuration, with right or left feather adjustment, and we have shaft lengths ranging for 204cm up to 214cm.

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