Tuesday 9 March 2010

The Bombora LV & the new Mitchell Blades Crank

Our latest shipment of Mitchell Blades has arrived, with the first of yet another collaborative paddle design we have made with master paddle maker, Lance Mitchell.
Recognising the dearth of high performance paddles in the market for smaller paddlers, we have tweaked the very successful Bombora design to reduce the volume, without easing off on the solid catch or easy exiting characteristics of the original.
The brand new Bombora LV is a scaled down version of the Bombora, with a 620gm blade area, a thinner shaft for smaller hands, & a lovely light swing weight to easy the burden on tired shoulders. We've made the paddles from the same super-strong Carbon Zenith layup, one that hasn't seen a single returned paddle in more than 18 months since Mitchell Blades were released in the market here. 
The LV comes with a straight shaft, & each shaft is customised to the precise length of the buyer, so you can truly have a lower volume blade made with your exact requirements in mind.
Stock is on the shelf, with a demo available to try.
We also have stock of Lance's innovative new crank shaft, the only one in the market with a wide 15cm crank zone. This allows you to have a crank that is way more customised to you paddle stroke, than a standard off the shelf design with a very narrow hand spacing & a crank zone that is rarely more than the diameter of your hand.

I have never been a great fan of cranks as I have always considered them something that really do need to be completely customised if they're going to work for an individual, but this one takes away that reservation with it's wide margin for adjustment. The cranks come with the rock-solid Vario split fitting, and allow a 10cm adjustment in shaft length & infinite feather.

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