Monday 8 March 2010

Ginni Callahan - Greenland Paddling Instruction

Rob Mercer is working with US instructor Ginni Callahan later this month to run a series of Greenland paddling instruction sessions around Sydney. Ginni is a highly regarded US instructor and founder of a successful training and guiding business on the Columbia River, who some of you may have seen ripping it up in the surf in This is the Sea 3. She is a bit of a character, having a reputation for great personal skills as well as being a top-notch paddling coach.
The boom in this country of Greenland paddling & boats in the past 12 months hasn't been matched by any great expertise in instruction of the ancient techniques, so Ginni represents the first real chance for Australians to get some first-class tips from an expert.
Ginni has spent the last few years, following the resurgence in Greenland paddling in the US, studying & developing a repertoire of Greenland skills and devising training techniques to inspire Greenland enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to better understand alternative techniques and approaches to paddling and rolling.
The instruction sessions will be small personal workshops with a maximum of 6 participants. Rob will be there to help out and also to do his best to learn more about GP technique!
The emphasis will be set square on a fun and supportive learning environment, and there will be a few Greenland paddles available for loan for those of you not yet in possession of one of the myriad of excellent 'sticks' now available in the market.
At the terrific rate of just $50 per person for a 3 hour session it's almost a no-brainer to make a day of it & book the morning & afternoon class.
A rough outline of what will be available is below:

·      Sat March 27th - Morning session; intro Greenland rolling workshop - SOLD OUT
·      Sat March 27th - Afternoon session; general boat control techniques - SOLD OUT
·      Sun March 28th – Morning session; Greenland style rolls for those who already have a consistent roll and want to learn new techniques or refinements.
·      Sun March 28th – Afternoon session; Greenland forward stroke. 

You can secure your place in any one of the workshops by emailing Rob Mercer at Numbers are limited & the sessions are expected to all fill up within a few days, so be quick...!

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