Monday 15 March 2010

Paqua Midi Waterproof Submersible Case

Sea kayakers the world over have lamented the lack of a reliable waterproof case system for modern electronics, especially with the advent of smart phones & compact GPS units with all of their huge applications on the water. The really waterproof ones are so sturdy that you can't hear or talk through the membrane, that is you have to remove the phone from it's waterproof case to make a call, whereas the good 'talker' cases have never been too crash hot on the waterproof caper. Added to that a clumsy lanyard, which makes the decision to stow in the day hatch (not ideal) or readily accessible from your pfd (i.e. stuffed in a pocket or in your rear hydration sleeve) a bit of a choice between being eaten by a lion or eaten by a tiger.

This brings me to the Paqua Midi, a terrific little phone or valuable case that is so reliable in the water it's the product-of-choice of Surf Life Saving Australia to protect their thousands of VHF & UHF radios. The membrane is designed to be 80% audio permeable so you can make that emergency call without having to risk your phone to Neptune's wrath, and for smart phones and GPS units in particular is malleable enough for you to browse scroll etc through any info you may need on the water. It has a reflective safety strip, and a solid velcro strap for securing the neoprene unit to your person, boat or PFD. 

Being designed for the surf life savers, the Paqua Midi is designed to be worn around your arm or lower leg - not ideal for a sea kayaker - but the demo I have been testing for the past month wraps snugly around the shoulder strap of my PFD (pictured above), allowing me to view the screen, and make a call with a minimum of fuss. It doesn't hinder my stroke & the light weight is barely noticeable.
I've used a whole bunch of these waterproof cases over the years & this is the next generation in terms of security, reliability & compactness. We have stock available now for the very reasonable price of just $34.95 delivered nationally.

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