Wednesday, 17 March 2010

HD Ski Video

I finally got to give my camera mount a serious field test, fixing it to the bow of my ski last Friday for some fun in the rolling swell off Sydney.
We'd had a few days of concerted southerly winds which had created a localised sea of around 2m, riding on top of a smallish swell. The wind on the day of our paddle was about 15kn, and the net effect was ocean conditions almost tailor made to riding fast following seas. If there had been a bigger swell, the waves would probably have been a little bit too fast & not steep enough to really dig your heels into, less wind driven sea & it wouldn't have been much more than a gentle cruise.
So, Stacka & I paddled out to sea from La Perouse as far as Cape Solander, which is about 3km from our launch spot, punching out through the peaky waves to our turn around spot. The ride back took no time, and was about as much fun as you have without charges being laid. We had such a good time we both turned & did it again. In a sad postscript to the paddle we were both tragically late to work.....
We were both in our V10 Sports, and the stability of these craft in what were at times reasonably challenging multi-directional conditions is very, very reassuring. Stacka has owned a few ski's, but would have thought twice about heading out to ride the waves on a day such as this in his previous, tippier craft.
I've uploaded a High Definition video of the first run back, below. When it's loaded, choose the option of Full screen HD in the Vimeo menu and you'll get a full screen view of the conditions, & should be able to see the nice rolling waves looming up behind us, then giving a little kick for a screaming down sea run.
If you think I look like I'm concentrating, it's because I am...!


  1. Despite the serious look Sundo, it looks like you had a HEAP of fun! Interesting that now you've jumped onto the ski you've ditched the PFD?

  2. Yeah, controversial topic I know, but I was paddling with a partner not too far from shore with an onshore wind, and while I'm still learning to re-mount I find the PFD a bit cumbersome. Apparently Epic have a really good slimline one that they may have available soon which might suit the ski's a bit better than my bulkier 'Guide & Instructor' version.


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