Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chilling in the Capital

We held our annual demo day in Canberra on Sunday, in temperatures that I last struck out the front of the Tahe factory in Estonia! The suns rays had the mercury rising above zero by the time we hit the water, but it was a reminder to us soft temperate climate dwellers that there are waaay tougher paddlers around than us!
As is normally the case at this event, things were pretty laid back on the lakeside, with about 25 visitors over the course of the morning & plenty of time to mess around & reaquaint ourselves with some of the elegance of kayaking on the mirror smooth water of Lake Burley Griffin. And no, there wasn't any rolling -  the wettest part of my anatomy was my hands, & I'd lost all feeling in them until the sun started to radiate in the early afternoon.
It was a great opportunity for people to have a go in the Taran, the new Valley Etain & the Zegul Baidarka & 520, all designs that arouse a special curiosity, & tend to put a smile on the dial of the test paddlers.
Thanks to everyone who made it along, we'll see you again next year at a time of the year far more suited to some immersion paddling, we've sacked May as a venue date!

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