Tuesday 3 May 2011

The Valley Etain - It's here…..

Rob has been out testing the new Valley Etain since they arrived last week. Based on previous big hype designs I can tell how good the thing is by how long it is until he lets me have a go. I think I'm booked in for a 20 minute paddle in early July.
Short of doing our own review after such a short time, we've instead got the comprehensive one done by Britain's Ocean Paddler Magazine. It pretty much says it all based on what Rob has found out so far, probably the most comprehensive sea kayak design for all round paddling that we have ever landed. Maybe the GT would shade it for out-&-out manouvreability & gear carrying capacity, but the Etain is so well designed it manages to capture all of the hull design features we think are mandatory for ocean paddling, minus some of the bulk, with the peerless Valley build quality. This means the weight range for paddlers is far wider, and in our next shipment we will have the LV version, as well as the RM boat.
For now we have stock in both the Carbon Kevlar & GRP layups, but the interest in them is very high, considerign this the first time we've even mentioned them in our own marketing.
Our own review will be coming shortly, as always once we've given our demo a good hiding, but for now enjoy this OP version - click HERE or the image above to read it.

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  1. Can't wait for a test paddle. Shawn


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