Wednesday 18 May 2011

Geigerrig - the best Hydration System Ever

Rob & attended a trade show over the weekend & found a hydration system that boggles the mind. It's called the Geigerrig, named after Bob Geiger, the energetic founder & inventor of the system. Bob ran us through the way it works, & we did our best to throw a spanner into his works with the sorts of left field questions that only a sea kayaker with years of experience with dodgy hydration systems can ask.
The system revolves around a super-strong bladder that you infate with small hand pump through one outlet, and drink through a second outlet, which obviously jets presurised water. For a trip we have coming up a concern for us was access to adequate levels of water & the time honoured frustration of having to locate the bite valve & then, under duress, suck on the bugger.
It gets better, the bladder can be fully inverted & run trough a dishwasher, the clips are a closed system so it can't leak, and it's tough. Bob has taken great delight in vidoeing several attempts to either nuke or velocity stress his creation with little success in making an impact.
We have stock on the shelf from this week, offering the 3 litre bladder for $59.95, through our online store. It's so good we think it will soon be the biggest single hydration system in the market, as people quickly see the advantages over the standard offerrings.
Backpacker magazine have reviewed it as the best hydration system they've ever seen - you can read the full article HERE.

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