Friday 10 February 2012

Fridays from the Vault - Downwind on the Epic V10 Sport

My little stats page on Blogger clocked over to 300 posts last week. I noted the milestone & then spent a couple of hours during the day scrolling back through the posts from years gone by, seeing how much my own perception on some things has changed, & also how similar it is today to when I first started on other things.
The first post was a welcome in January 2008, about six months after we began as Expedition Kayaks. Back then I was an avid surf kayaker, paddled the Impex Currituck (a boat I still enjoy whenever I can get into a rare specimen), figured surf skis were for clubbies & too tippy, Greenland rolling was for beardie weirdies, and with a busy family life couldn't envisage getting away for that shining light on the hill, the one 'big' trip.
In the years since my interests have broadened considerably and I'm probably unrecognisable as a paddler from the one who got out a couple of times a month back in '08. It makes me wonder what I'll be into in four years time….
There were more than a few blog posts that brought a wry smile, so I thought I would put up a weekly reminder of some of the articles that I particularly enjoyed writing up.
The first of these comes from March 2010, and documents my first ever paddle on the open sea in my new Epic V10 Sport. My mate Stacka & I decided to take out skis out for two 'out-and-backs' from La Perouse, in some moderate seas whipped up by a couple of days of southerlies. Watching it with a discrening eye now it was pretty clearly a crash or burn experince, I'm pretty shaky, my stroke turns to all arms once the heat goes on, and there are about half a dozen safety trailing braces that save me from a swim, and my expression betrays my anxiety levels! But, you really only learn how to do this sort of paddling my doing…..this sort of paddling..!
The post is HERE, and the video from the paddle is below, this was one helluva fun ride….
Check back each Friday for more EK posts 'from the Vault'.


  1. You have come a long way, doesn't even look like you, well done on your progress! Improving as a ski paddler only makes you a better kayak paddler too.

  2. Dunno about technique Mark... but it still looks like you were having fun!
    I'm willing to bet you finished behind that Stacka bloke though; he looks rather large and in charge!

  3. Stacka stopped working as a lifeguard on Bindi Beach about 3 years before the advent of Bondi Rescue, & is completely p*ssed off about his close brush with everlasting pop culture fame….
    He's a bit of a natural in the water on just about any craft.

  4. ... so you finished last then? ;)
    Poor Stacka. I feel sorry for him out of fear more than anything else; surely if he turned up on Bondi while they were shooting he could scare his way into a starring role!?

    Anyway, great vid as always even if it is an old one. I like the POV ones; very interesting to see how other people do things and i try to learn at least something from them! Even if it is the fact that you will eventually flick a blue bottle up on yourself if you paddle in and around Sydney.

  5. I reckon I've got a fair threshold for pain & suffering, but blueys turn me into a big sook….


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