Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Free Greenland Roling Day, March 3

We were overwhelmed by the reaction to our Greenland tuition at the National Symposium in Queensland late last year, where people who had previously considered the Greenland thread of our sport to be a black art came forward one by one & delighted in learning some new tricks. It was fun, hilarious fun even, and I have no doubt that many paddlers went away from the event with a renewed interest in the Greenland 'thing' & rolling in general.
So, for the first time in Sydney this summer, the water is warm, summer looks like it might have actually arrived in Sydney, & with the impending arrival of rolling gurus Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson we thought it an opportune time to put on a free rolling & Greenland rolling day. 
In partnership with Wayne & Mel Hanley from Greenland Downunder, we are holding an open rolling day on Saturday March 3 at the Yarra Bay Sailing Club, tucked inside the calm waters of Botany Bay (off Kooringai Ave, Yarra Bay. Map below). 
A full three hour program will kick off at 9am, featuring rolling demos from Mel Hanley, an intro to Greenland rolling instructed by Rob, Mel, Wayne & Mark, a crossover session to demonstrate the relevance of the Greenland styles to rough water paddling & a post event get together on the sand in front of the sailing club.
Wayne & Mel will be bringing along their range of Greenland gear including Joe O Paddles for demo & we'll have our selection of Greenland style boats on hand.
Numbers are strictly limited to 20, as we want a concentrated instructor-to-student ratio so everyone comes away with a very good chance of picking up some new skills. It's a chance to get some tips from Rob Mercer, as well as some Greenland specific instruction from Wayne & Mel, who have travelled the word attending various Greenland workshops & symposiums. They have seen first hand how the big Greenland get togethers work overseas & will be bringing this knowledge to our little event, so for the first time we'll get a glimpse into how it's done in parts of the world where Greenland rolling a little more mainstream.
If you'd like to attend, please contact Mark at mark@expeditionkayaks.com.
As a reminder of how simple these things can be to learn in the hands of the right instructor, here's a video from late last year of my first Greenland rolling lesson with Rob.

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  1. Love to, but we've got our launch of the "Let's Build Big Solar!" campaign that arvo so I'm sure I'll be madly printing or phoning or something... maybe next time.


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