Tuesday 14 February 2012

Justine Curgenven's 'This is the Roll' DVD

Justine Curgenven, maker of the brilliant 'This is the Sea' & 'This is Canoeing' DVD series is about to release a new DVD featuring Turner Wilson & Cheri Perry called, 'This is the Roll'.
Justine emailed earlier this week to let me know that our copies will be on the way as soon as the final dubs are done, hopefully some time in late March/early April.
The trailer of the DVD is above, & it has extra relevance for us on the East Coast as Cheri & Turner will be here around the release date giveing a series of instruction days in Tassie, Victoria, NSW & finally Queensland.
The boom in Greenland style rolling over the past year or so is palpable, not only is it way easier than it looks with the right instruction, it offers a tangent to other threads of the sport which complement sea skills. It's also a lot of fun…
You can pre-order the DVD through our online store  for $34.95 including freight nationally.

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