Thursday 29 March 2012

The Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson Show!

My exposure to Greenland rolling is pretty minimal, but I've managed to improvise my way through a few of the rolls & I have to admit to finding it enormous fun. Where I've been stuck on something or had a bit of a mental block, the odd piece of sage advice from the likes of Rob Mercer, Greg Schwarz or Mel Hanley has inevitably led to a mini breakthrough & away I go again.
I always appreciate advice on any aspect of my paddling, so for example when Mel showed me an alternative set up to a Haka, err, sorry Butterfly roll the other day which produced a world class result (!) I was quick to thank her for the tip. She deferred instantly & said thanks anyway, but that it was actually Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson's trick, and then she spoke glowingly of their ability to break things down & explain like nobody else. Rob's experience with Ginni Callahan was the same, she'd explain something from an obtuse angle that shed new light on a roll or body motion & again say 'that's from Cheri & Turner!'
So, on the first hand advice of several well credentialed Greenland exponents it's pretty exciting that these guys are heading our way, if so many people keep calling you a guru the chances are you probably are!
Rob Mercer will be hosting Cheri & Turner for a week from April 17-22, and their schedule of events is below:

April 17
Paid group class will start at 1pm followed by a guest appearance at the Tuesday night paddle.
April 18
Individual coaching by the hour
April 19
April 20
Full day session for those who are seeking to refine their Greenland rolls and rechniques
April 21
Full day for those who are working towards a roll
April 22
NSW Sea Kayak Club Day (please see NSW Sea Kayak Club website for details)

They are renowned for being very inclusive in their ideas & instruction, so don't think you have to turn up with your black tights & Ned Kelly beard to get something out of the day. Their rolling video out soon in conjunction with Justine Curgenven (see HERE) has them doing all rolls using all types of paddles in all sorts of different kayaks.
If you'd like to attend one of their sessions please get in touch with Rob Mercer at

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