Friday, 16 March 2012

GPS Trace of One Degree South

We have a secret weapon in our support guru Andrew Eddy. He has compiled our average speed from the GPS each of us had running on the One Degree South paddle & put it into a format understandable even to a maths tragic like me.
The trace shows a few interesting things, firstly the unforgiving slog of the first 5 windless hours into a head current, then the blast down to Geroa, & finally the dramatic slowdown as night fell & the Crookhaven Bight got, well…. crook!
We'll have a full report up some time next week but here's the trace to disseminate, for those of you interested in such things.
Thanks again to Andrew for the great spreadsheet.
A belated thanks also to another paddling mate Mick Martin, who drove from his home at Nowra all the way out to Currarong when he saw we were getting close. Mick brought along torches which were life savers in pointing the way through the surf for the landing, & then hung about to haul our boats back to car & help out with all the gear & sorting out. Thanks Mick!

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