Friday, 9 March 2012

Fridays from the Vault - Surfing Bundeena Bar

By popular request - thanks TK - here's a video from 2010 of Rob surfing some nice little waves on the Bundeena Bar. Years of matching great days on the bar to corresponding surf reports, swell direction & period, and the crucial tide swings have given us a pretty good idea of when the bar is going to 'go off'. While this video doesn't exactly show the bar in an epic mood, it was still a good day. How can you tell the power of the waves? Count the seconds that the thrashing lasts, there is no busting off the top of a fragile lip here when the one decent wave grabs hold of Rob's boat. If you get nailed, you go for a long ride sideways….
As an aside, anyone heading down to the bar around lunchtime today can expect conditions much like this, steeper than usual, plenty of punch & consequences when you get it wrong.

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