Friday, 30 March 2012

Valley's Gemini Twins

Here's a boat we'll be seeing here in Australia later on this year. Of particular interest to us is the out & playboat of the two. Take a look at Pete from Valley in the UK walking Scott McGregor through the design.


  1. Effin' awesome
    If fatties fit the surf one, double awesome

  2. Wish Valley would update their website with info on these two boats.

    So far, they got nuthin'.

  3. Fair call, I'd rather they be good at designing and building boats than good at the Internet thing, heaps of other manufacturers out there have it the wrong way around!

  4. I dunno Mark... seem that it isn't really an 'either/or' thing.

    Valley could keep designing and making brilliant boats, AND update their website once in a blue moon.

    One doesn't really preclude the other.


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